About TCRC

The Cinema Resource Centre (TCRC) is a not-for-profit public archive of Indian cinema designed to enable research on the audio-visual cultural artifacts produced by Indian films, especially those made in the regional languages of South India. We seek to promote film culture, from a historical, educational, and artistic perspective. We are based out of Chennai, India.

At present, The Cinema Resource Centre (TCRC) makes available for public viewing over:
– 8,000 movie posters
– 5,000 ‘lobby cards’ (used for promotion of films in movie halls)
– 3,000 song books (booklets containing lyrics of the movie’s songs and also, some information about the production)
– 300 long-playing (LP) records
– 700 pieces of literature on cinema (old newspaper & magazine clippings, books)
– 25,000 photographs (shot during production of films)

The artifacts pertain to various Indian films that have been released over the last 80 years. They have been sourced painstakingly from collectors, films producers, technicians, artistes and fans.

We’re a small team and our passion for cinema is the only thing that sustains us.

To know more, write to us at tcrc.india[at]gmail[dot]com. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Also, feel free to share the link of this small video about us, if you’d like to spread the word:

Disclaimer: We do not own copyright over any of the images in our archive. The copyright continues to be the property of the respective copyright holders. If you are a copyright holder and you find that one of your properties has been used here and if you wish for the same to be taken down, please do write to us at tcrc.india[at]gmail[dot]com.

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