Black & White Photographs From The Cinema Resource Centre Archives (XV)

15-1Still from the K. Balachander directed Manmatha Leelai (1976) in which Kamal Haasan played the lead role.

Manmatha Leelai (1976) Directed by K. Balachander struggled to get a Censor certificate upon its release. The film was criticized a lot for it’s bold content then, but later became a cult classic. The film became a huge hit at the box office. It was actor Radha Ravi’s first Tamil film. He was credited as M.R.R. Ravi then. This film also featured actor Y.G. Mahendran and his father Y.G. Parthasarathy (who had his own drama troupe United Amateur Artistes) working together for the first time in a movie. Manmatha Leelai was dubbed in Telugu as Manmatha Leela (1976) and in Hindi as Meethi Meethi Batein (1977)

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