Tamil Films to be showcased in Busan

Three Tamil films will be showcased in the 20th Busan International Film Festival. Orange Mittai (Orange Candy) and Oh Kadhal Kanmani will be featured in the ‘A Window on Asian Cinema ‘ section of this prestigious film festival. Radio Potti (Radio Set) will be featured in the ‘New Current’ section.

Orange Candy directed by Biju Viswanathan is about Satya, a young paramedic full of remorse about not having made peace with his deceased father, meets Kailasam, an ailing, obstinate man who reminds him of his dad. Their long ride to the hospital reveals that sometimes it’s the journey that imparts the greatest wisdom.

Oh Kadal Kanmani directed by Mani Ratnam is an unconventional tale of romance that weaves its lyrical tale through the fabric of the city’s extreme contrasts. Contemporary, vibrant and colorful, O KadhalKanmani concerns itself with youth attitudes towards tradition, marriage, and the relationships between men and women.

Radio Set directed by Hari Viswanath is about the elderly Arunachalam who finds comfort in his past, a past he connects to through his vintage radio. A personal crisis erupts when Arunachalam is forced to choose between a loving family in the present and the specter of history when the radio disappears.


Watch the trailers of Orange Mittai and Oh Kadhal Kanmani here:

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