Poster boys

Posters are an integral part of any film’s promotion. The South Indian Film posters always stood out for its unique and interesting designs. Here is an article that was published in today’s Metro plus, a supplement of The Hindu  (Poster boys – The Hindu). The article talks about the men who work all night pasting these posters in our city walls.

While we are talking about posters here are images of posters from two famous tamil films taken from our archives.




Lobby Card | “Policekaaran Magal” | Tamil | 1962

Police-Karan-MAgal-1 WM

A ‘lobby card’ usually featured an image from the film that was being played at the theatre and was displayed in the glass-pane covered notice boards that characterized the lobbies of most single screen theatres in those days.

This is the lobby card of “Policekaaran Magal,” a successful Tamil film released in 1962.