Black & White Photographs From The Cinema Resource Centre Archives (XX)

20-1Still from the movie Puthu Vasantham (1990) directed by Vikraman, which was also his first film. This film was a hit blockbuster and inspired many films. Seen are actors Murali and Sithara.

Puthu Vasantham (1990) was Vikraman’s directorial debut. It was a trendsetter in Tamil cinema and entered cult status for its unique story and treatment. During this period when most of the films were about romance and hailing it, Vikraman chose a different path and portrayed friendship over love. In this film, the heroine chooses friendship over her love when it comes to it. She also sacrifices her maternal home for her friends, which she had earlier refused to sell. Many films soon followed, featuring 4 friends and a 5th friend being a girl, though many of these films did not enjoy much success, as the audience found the trope too typical.


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